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Ozcay cooperation was established in 1989 and started production in the fresh tea season of 1990. Thanks to the support of tea producers and our specialists within; we have been a successful tea production facility throughout the market. Ozcay cooperation has accomplished a well-built product range taking into consideration the production necessities at each stage of the production. Ozcay makes no compromises for high quality products which fit to the demanded taste.

Ozcay cooperation is proud that its labels are now the most demanded ones. By increasing the product quality, our establishment has also proved its quality throughout the international platforms by obtaining the ISO 9000 certificate and International Quality Award recently. Ozcay cooperation started producing organic tea in 2002, has taken the proper pride in bringing in something new into the market.

Ozcay cooperation has healthily accomplished its goals on each level by determining brand new goals in its processes together with developing the production quality and increasing its efforts to reach the best for its valued customers.

Öz Çay